6 Healthy Dinners for Weight Loss

healthy dinners for weight loss

Whether you’ve been to Japan or have only seen Japanese folks, you most likely wondered how they can be so lean. Men weigh an average 137.7 pounds, while women are at 116.6 pounds.

Lucky them, right?

It’s more than luck though. Their eating habits are a primary reason for their healthy weight, longevity, and yes, their trim waistlines. They love their national diet, consisting of little fat but lots of fish, tofu, mushrooms, and veggies.

So, why not take a page out of their book? Start by making healthy dinners for weight loss! You don’t have to go all Japanese, but you can eat the healthy way, like they do!

This way, you can reduce your risks of obesity, which afflicts a whopping one-third of the U.S. adult population.

We’ll make it even easier for you. Check out this list of easy but good for weight-loss dinners!

1. Lemon Salmon

Lemon and salmon go so well together we should call this dish salemon (sorry). Kidding aside, this pretty fish is delish and satisfying broiled or baked. Yet, it contains fewer calories (about 160) than its lemon chicken counterpart (220).

Plus, it loads you up with omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats can help minimize your risks of inflammation, metabolic diseases, and obesity.

So, give this recipe a try:

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Rinse an 8-oz salmon in cold water and season both sides with salt and pepper.

Place some tin foil on a baking pan, place the fish on it, and top with slices of one lemon. Fold the edges of the foil to cover the fish. Bake for 20 mins.

2. Lemon Salmon with Honey Dijon Glaze

To make your lemon salmon even more fun (and appealing to your kids), upgrade it with a quick honey Dijon glaze.

The only difference from the recipe above is you’ll mix the juice of one lemon with a tablespoon each of honey and Dijon mustard. Spread a third of the glaze on one side and then another third on the other side. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on each side.

Place the fish with its skin-side down on a tin foil. Pour the rest of the glaze on top. Broil for about four minutes on each side, or until cooked (not overdone!) all the way inside.

3. Cauliflower Rice

With all those fad diets and dishes popping up left and right, you most likely have seen or read about how cauliflower is the new rice. While this cruciferous veggie may not replace the Asian staple food, it is no doubt one of the best veggies for weight loss.

And yes, you can switch to cauliflower rice in case you’re tired of the brown, black, or wild versions. It even goes well with many of the recipes in this list!

The basic recipe (which you can make in under 10 minutes!) only calls for a whole head of cauliflower which you either grate or run through a food processor. Transfer everything to a microwavable dish, cover it, and pop it in the microwave for five minutes.

4. Cauliflower Risotto

Who said you need to stick to arborio or carnaroli rice to make risotto? You can do so with cauliflower rice!

If you plan to make risotto with this vegetable though, don’t cook the rice in the microwave. Like normal risotto, you need a fire and a pan for this.

Set aside one serving of uncooked cauliflower rice. Preheat a non-stick pan over medium heat and add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil (or if available, the fat-burning-booster coconut oil). Cook 1 1/2 pounds of mushrooms (Shiitake or maitake are great options) for five minutes and set aside.

Add another teaspoon of oil and saute one minced garlic clove and one small diced onion until translucent (about three minutes). Put the mushrooms back in, together with the cauliflower rice, a cup of vegetable broth, salt, pepper, and a quarter cup each of grated parmesan and mozzarella.

Stir, cover, and let cook for four to five minutes. Serve as is with some parsley or enjoy with another fishy or meaty dish!

5. Tomato-Infused Turkey Patties

Losing weight the safe way means eating healthy and ensuring you don’t drop more than 500 calories every day. That in mind, you’re most likely slashing off burgers in your meal list.

The thing is, a technique on how to lose weight for good is keeping yourself satisfied too. This means eradicating your love for burgers may make your craving worse.

Some good news: You can make low-cal tomato-infused turkey patties for burgers! You can also use it as an ingredient for healthy breakfast meals to lose weight. For instance, you can grill half of a patty and serve with a light salad for your morning meal.

In any case, here’s the recipe for a healthier version of one of America’s favorites:

In a large mixing bowl, combine one pound of lean ground turkey, a half cup each of lycopene-rich tomatoes and low-fat feta cheese, a quarter cup of minced green onions or chives, and salt and pepper to taste. Knead the mixture for about five minutes; that’ll help the ingredients fuse together better, thus preventing the patties from falling apart.

Divide into four to six patties. You can grill them up right then and there or freeze for later.

6. Three-Sauce Asian Chicken

What’s better than one sauce? Three, of course!

Don’t worry though, these sauces complement each other, not to mention gives the chicken breasts a much-needed taste boost. You’ll also find all three sauces in the Asian section of groceries. Best of all, the dish will fill you up with only 190 calories.

To start, cut up one pound of boneless, fatless chicken breasts into cubes and put in a mixing bowl. Grate one inch of ginger root (this should give you about a tablespoon) over the chicken. Add to this one tablespoon each of garlic chili sauce, lite soy sauce, and hoisin sauce.

Toss the chicken around to give each piece an even coating of the marinade. Cover and chill for half an hour.

Heat up 1 1/2 tablespoons of vegetable or canola oil in a saute pan over medium heat. Add the chicken, stirring constantly for about five minutes, or until cooked through and their juices run clear.

Bell peppers are a great addition, so if you have them, take half and cut into thin slices. Toss them in a minute before you turn the fire off. Serve with cauliflower rice, brown rice, or brown noodles!

Make Your Nights Fuller with These Healthy Dinners for Weight Loss

Remember: The best way to cut weight is to combine healthy eating habits with exercise. That should include satisfying your tummy at night, so you don’t wake up craving and ending up snacking during midnight.

With these ideas for healthy dinners for weight loss, you can go to bed satiated while also knowing you’re on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

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