The Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

best vegetables for weight loss

To lose weight, you have to eat the right foods. Coupled with light physical activity, you can enjoy delicious meals while shedding pounds, just by eating the best vegetables for weight loss.

Vegetables are low in empty calories, and high in nutrients. Veggies are packed with the vitamins, fibers, and minerals that your body needs in order to maintain good health.

Eating vegetables is an excellent way of burning calories, thanks to the high fiber content. Processed foods don’t let your body work to break down fibers, but veggies do.

When your body works to break down whole foods, you naturally expend calories. So, eat up! For your body to make the most of your vegetable nutrients, establish a weekly workout plan for weight loss.

But, the most important baseline to getting healthy and losing weight, is hydration. And, in addition to fresh fruits and veggies, that means water.

To Lose Weight, Hydrate!

The human body is made mostly of water. And, so are the best vegetables for weight loss. For your body to burn calories and lose weight, you need to be hydrated and nourished. Veggies do both.

The fact is, the average human needs to drink at least three liters of water, per day. Malnourishment and dehydration are rampant, even among people in western developed countries.

That’s what happens when your meals revolve around animal proteins and processed junk.

Your body needs a variety of complex nutrients in order to take on its optimal physical form. Drink water to flush out the excess toxins from your body.

Drink water until your urine is clear, and then, your body is ready to make use of the following vegetables that help you lose weight.

The Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine,” and that’s the idea, here. If you deprive your body of calories, nutrients, and substance, it becomes vulnerable to illness and unable to maintain itself.

The fact is, you should be gorging yourself with raw fruits and veggies, nuts, and fungi. A strong body needs fuel, whether you are a vegetarian athlete, or just trying to lose weight. You shed major calories, just by eating these natural weight loss foods:


Carrots are on the top of the list of foods to eat for weight loss. They’re packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Fiber makes you feel full because it takes a longer time to digest and process than, say, fats. Carrots are great vegetables for weight loss because they’re high in soluble and insoluble fibers.

A single, medium-sized carrot contains about 45 calories.

Carrots provide vitamin B6, vitamin K, phosphorus, potassium, and more. They boost your immune system, brain function, nervous system, and bone health. And, they taste good.


Mushrooms are a fantastic food to eat to lose weight and super-charge your body. Mushrooms are different than any other growable food.

Mushrooms are not a vegetable. They are separate from plants, animals, bacteria, and algae, in their own kingdom of fungi. That’s why mushrooms offer you a host of unique nutrients that are great for weight loss.

Most people never know to seek out wild mushrooms, since the vast majority of edible species are only identifiable by experts. Find a farmers market near you, and seek out your local wild mushroom vendors. You’ll be glad you did.

A half cup of button mushrooms has around 15 calories. So, guiltlessly binge away on this tasty snack.

Mushrooms contain lots of phytonutrients, and especially, vitamin D. Some mushroom’s nutrient content for vitamin D is five times higher than the runner-up, which is whole milk.

And they’re rich in iron, niacin, selenium, copper, and zinc.

Mushrooms also contain a phytonutrient amino acid called ergothioneine. Ergothioneine is vital for healthy red blood cells, bones, liver, kidney, and eyes.

Bolete and Oyster mushrooms contain more ergothioneine than any vegetable.

Mushrooms, unlike veggies and humans, are not made primarily of water. They’re meaty and dense. When you cook a mushroom, it doesn’t lose structure from water loss, like veggies. So they’re a great animal protein substitute.

Mushrooms taste better when they’re cooked because cooked mushrooms have more nutritional value than raw. Heat releases the mushroom’s riboflavin, a compound that enhances the taste of food.

Also, mushrooms are one of the best foods to eat because they actively balance hormonal chemicals in your body, which is essential for weight loss.


Mushroom hunting is a fantastic mixture of a nature hike and a scavenger hunt. You burn a few calories while preparing to eat foraged, healthy food.

But, never eat mushrooms found in nature unless you are 150% positive they’re edible. You would never go into the woods and start munching on random foliage – it could be poison ivy.

So, find a local mushroom expert who can validate the edibility of your find before you eat anything. Start by simply exploring in order to identify the wild mushroom varieties you find.


Cauliflower is another of the best vegetables for losing weight because it’s low in density, high in phytonutrients, and contains indoles. Indoles restrict obesity and burn fat by activating your body’s thermogenesis.

Cauliflower has indole-3-carbinol, which helps your body naturally detoxify. And, it assists in regulating your body’s metabolism.

It contains a high amount of fiber which fills your stomach and actively encourages the fat burning process of your body. Now that’s a great weight loss food.

Weight Loss Foods – In Brief

Once your body is properly hydrated and nourished, your body can shed excess weight easily. Now, your body can handle the work of how to maintain weight loss.

Even if you continue eating processed foods, the veggies and natural whole foods in this article are crucial for shedding pounds. If your body is starved of complex, diverse nutrients, it will take on excess weight in the attempt to conserve strength.

So, fill your plate with a wide assortment of naturally grown food. Unhealthy plates are beige. Healthy plates are filled with colors.

You can’t lose weight if you aren’t packing your body full of nutrient-rich fuel. Eating the best vegetables for weight loss will allow your body to return to its happy, healthy weight.

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