dangers of fad diets
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The 7 Biggest Dangers of Fad Diets

If you are on a journey to lose weight, you may be sucked in by some of the fad diets out there. Unfortunately, the dangers of fad diets are real. Learn more here.

how to stat losing weight
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7 Tips on How to Start Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Once your new baby arrives and you settle into a routine, you’ll want to start working on getting your pre-baby body back. Here are some tips on how to start losing weight after pregnancy and a few reasons why you should take it easy at first.

wedding weight loss plan
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Top Tips for Sticking to Your Wedding Weight Loss Plan

The stress of planning your big day can have you reaching for the nearest chocolate bar before you know it. Don’t blow your carefully thought out wedding weight loss plan. Hang in there with these diet tips to keep you dedicated to your goals and in the right frame of mind to tackle the arrangements for your big event.

daily routine for weight loss
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9 Ways to Make a Daily Routine for Weight Loss Part of Your Busy Schedule

When you’re on the run most of the time it’s hard to fit healthy habits into your day. You don’t have time to research the best quick workouts, eating tips, and desk exercises, so we’ve done it for you. Here’s how you can set up a daily routine for weight loss.

reasons to lose weight
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7 Very Important Reasons to Lose Weight

Losing weight isn’t all about looking great. Although, being fit is a wonderful side effect. Here are 7 important reasons to lose weight, from preventing disease to improving your mental health.