Walking for Weight Loss: Advantages of Walking Each Day

walking for weight loss

49% of Americans are actively trying to lose weight. And while some of this is to promote healthy living and self-care, many Americans also suffer from obesity.

In fact, 2/3 of all adults in America are overweight. Obesity has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, and some cancers.

But if weight loss is so essential for many of us why do so many people struggle to lose weight? In many cases, it’s because they take the wrong approach and get frustrated.

The good news is that walking for weight loss is a great way to achieve lasting results. What’s more, there are additional great benefits from walking every day.

Here’s why walking for weight loss works:

1. Easy To Do Anywhere

Even if you find yourself in a snowy climate during the winter months you can still walk for weight loss. You don’t need a gym membership or equipment in your home to go for a walk.

While you should have good shoes the rest comes easy. And while ease may not seem like a big deal when you are starting a weight loss regimen, it becomes essential down the road.

One reason many people fail in losing weight is they can’t stick to it. They see some results but don’t stay with the program.

With walking, you are covered. Even on vacations and business trips, you can walk.

2. Low Cost

How many of us have started a new resolution to lose weight and invested in the latest equipment and gear? We may buy a great gym membership and waste hundreds of dollars only to use it a few times.

This works against weight loss for a couple of reasons. For some, the idea of spending a lot of money can be frustrating after seeing failure in the past.

For others, they may not feel like they have the investment to start again so why bother?

The beauty of walking for weight loss is almost zero in startup costs. You can pull out your pair of walking shoes and go for a walk starting today.

3. Does Walking Burn Fat? Yes!

Some people are hesitant to use walking to burn fat. They think because they aren’t sweating as hard or heaving for oxygen they must not be burning fat.

But walking is an aerobic exercise. And engaging in an aerobic exercise regularly burns fat.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are always trying to sell consumers on a new product or the latest trends. All of the personal trainers, fad diet designers, and gym owners don’t want you to know how easy it is to lose weight.

It’s a simple as a pair of walking shoes and a little bit of time each day. Next time you see those late night infomercials you can change the channel.

4. Less Stress and Risk of Injury

Have you ever had success in reaching your weight loss goals only to see your progress halted? Maybe you were going to the gym regularly and pulled a muscle or faced a similar injury.

One of the more difficult facets of losing weight is the strain additional weight puts on the body. For many of us that can mean aching backs, sore knees, and other tired joints and muscles.

Many exercises add to this strain while you are trying to lose weight. Even if you can run, jog, or ride your bike for a few weeks it might not last. But with walking, you can continue to progress since there’s less risk of injury.

5. Get Happy

One of the traps many people fall into is adding anxiety to their fitness routine. While they may start off hoping just to lose a little weight they may start making unrealistic goals.

They add anxiety and stress to the process rather than enjoying the benefits of exercise. Walking can be a great answer to stress.

Not only does walking release endorphins and boost your happiness, it is also less intense than other forms of weight loss.

Meaning, you can enjoy the process as much as the results. Getting outside and going for a walk every day will make you happier.

6. Easy To Track

You probably already have friends who track their daily walks. They may either go for a walk for a certain amount of time every day or count their steps.

With wearables for fitness becoming increasingly affordable it is very easy to track your progress and goals every day.

You can have a diary of your progress at your fingertips everytime you open your smartphone if you like.

This doesn’t just track your walking progress, it also works to track your fitness goals.

You can use fitness programs and apps to track activity, calorie burn, and calorie intake.

7. Walking With Partners

Many people have trouble staying motivated in their fitness routine. One way to master that issue is by exercising with partners.

This can become an issue when you don’t find someone at your own skill level. Have you ever tried to lift weights or go for a run with someone in much better shape?

It can be uncomfortable.

But with walking, it is easy to find a partner. You can boost your daily walk with company from time to time.

Use Walking For Weight Loss in Your Full Program

Walking for weight loss works best when combined with other simple activities.

And if you are getting a little bored of simply walking you can integrate this exercise with other forms of cardio as you make progress. But make no mistake, walking can fit into every fitness regimen.

The low impact and high return make walking a great way to look and feel healthy. Plus, walking is a great way to lose weight safely.

You won’t be at as great a risk of injury. So combine walking with a sound nutrition plan and you’ll be meeting your goals in no time.

And make sure you keep the weight off! Find out more about maintaining weight loss now.